Monday, March 18, 2013

Bennett, Nic.  Dead Cat Bounce.  RazorBill (Young Penguin      Readers Group), 2012.

Jonah Lightbody has never had a good relationship with his father.  When the opportunity arises for him to participate in “Take Your Children to Work Day”, he thinks this might be his chance to bond with his dad, who works at a large stock trading firm in London.
When Jonah walks into the firm, he is awestruck by all the activity.  Jonah gets caught up in the stock frenzy by entering trades for the Baron, a notoriously successful broker, and his group, “The Whistlers”.  Although his dad tries to warn him, the Baron mentors Jonah long-distance, and four years later, he has become extremely rich and, at age sixteen, becomes the youngest trader ever to work at Helsby-Cattermole, or “HellCat”.

On the other side of the world, Kloot, a shady international investor, has an operative in the Federal Reserve keeping him informed about bank bailouts.  When a tip about a US bank bailout goes bad, Hellcat loses a lot of money, and David Lightbody becomes the scapegoat.  What follows is the uniting of father and son to discover that the Baron and Apollyon, the world’s biggest hedge fund that feeds off international crises, is behind the massive cover-up at Hellcat.  Jonah steals the Baron’s laptop, and he and his dad play a “cat and mouse game” with the Baron and his cronies, ending up in Namibia.  David is shot and must be flown by medivac to the hospital, and Jonah vows to get revenge on the members of Apollyon.

Dead Cat Bounce is the debut novel of author Nic Bennett.  This exciting conspiracy thriller will keep readers on the edge of their seats all the way through the book!  Mr. Bennett has included a crash course in stock trading within the plot, plus a large amount of information about the plants, animals, and terrain of Africa.

This book is perfect for those students who enjoy James Patterson’s novels and those who are James Bond fans!  I recommend it for high school and public libraries.

**Reviewer's note.  The copy reviewed was received from Library Media Connection in exchange for an honest review.