Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Review of Entr@ment by M. Spooner

Entr@pment by M. Spooner; Margaret K. Elderry Books, 2009.

With teens, all things web 2.0 are in! It seems like they only communicate through texting, Facebook, instant messaging and email! So how appropriate that someone would write a book that was written all in texting and chat!

High school juniors Bliss and Tamra are challenged by their friend Annie to try to take one another’s boyfriends away by talking to them through text messages and in a chat room. It turns out that Annie is holding a grudge against boys because she was dropped by her last boyfriend. She is determined to prove that all guys are fickle! She helps Bliss and Tamra pull a disappearing act and reappear on the Internet under fake identities as foreign exchange students. Their mission is to tempt their boyfriends, Mitch and Beau, into having a relationship with them. Unknown to the girls and the boys, Annie is plotting with Johnson, Mitch and Beau’s friend, to accomplish her evil plan!

The plot parallels the Mozart opera, “Cosi Fan Tutte”, dealing with tangled relationships and love triangles.